1. Members are reminded that at all times and in all circumstances they must respect wildlife and the lessor's property.


    2. Fishing will be fly only with conventional fly fishing tackle. No hooks larger than size 8 (old). No lures.

        No longshank hooks except specialist Mayfly patterns. Barbless or de-barbed hooks to be used.


    3. A current Environment Agency Rod fishing license must be held.


    4. Members must return all fish.

        Wherever possible fish should be unhooked in the water or in a wet landing net and handled only with wet hands.


    5. If a fish is so hooked that it is bleeding/injured and is unlikely to survive it must be killed/retained irrespective of size.


    6. A member has at any time the right to inspect another members bag/catch who will not refuse to exhibit the same.


    7. All visits are to be recorded in the returns book provided.

       The Rochelles beat returns book is located in a box on a tree near the concrete bridge.

       The Double Bank booking in box is located on the car park railings.

       The Davenport Park beat returns book is located in a box on a V shaped tree adjacent to parking area.

        All nil returns are required.


    8. The fishing season will be from 18th March to 7th October inclusive every year.


    9. Catch limit. There is no catch limit for members fishing the River Worfe.


   10. Parking and access is only allowed at the locations indicated on the maps.


   11. Members may wade from a station, but may not wade continually up or downstream.


   12. There are restricted areas on the ‘Double bank’ section near the pump house, and in the village of Worfield . Refer to the maps.


   13. There is a restricted area on the ‘Rochelles Farm’ section near the sandstone cliffs. Refer to the map.


   14. The bridge at the downstream end of 'Rochelles Farm' is out of bounds to Salopians.

         This bridge is for the use of the local shoot only.


   15. No lead shot to be used and no fishing line to be discarded at the fishery. No dogs, litter or radios etc will be permitted.


    16. A condition of access to Worfield village water is that the privacy of village residents must be respected at all times.