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The River Worfe is our small river gem, we currently have the fishing to around 2 miles of this river.

We extended the beat in 2017 to include a double bank beat from Worfield village up to our present Rochelles beat so members get an extensive small river fishing experience.

The Worfe and its tributaries have benefited from a range of established and innovative improvement techniques, it was selected as one of the UK’s high priority restoration projects with funding of £1.25 million under DEFRA’s catchment restoration programme.

The River Worfe Catchment Restoration project began work in September 2012. It was led by the Severn Rivers Trust along with a wide range of partners, with APEM playing a key role. the improvements are now beginning to show.

We stock the river each season with brown trout, but catch returns this year have shown a healthy return of small native brown trout.

Catch and release is practiced here, and browns up to 18 inches have been recorded.

Would members please park carefully on the new Worfe car park in herring bone fashion if at all possible. It is important to leave room for Mr and Mrs Leary to get off their driveway and out of the car park entrance – please don’t block their drive. If the car park is too crowded please park either on the school car
park or in the street by the Dog Inn.we thank you for your consideration for Worfield residents at all times.

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