Following a recent experience of a new member who visited the River Clun we carried out the following risk assessment which is published here for the benefit of our members health and safety.

Experienced river anglers should be fine to look out for themselves, but there would be concerns about newcomers to angling and members used to fishing managed fisheries coping with the challenges of a small, dynamic and wild river.

There are a lot more potential hazards on the Clun compared to the Worfe and access in general is much more challenging for less agile members.

The dodgy hand rail on the footbridge is just one of the hazards that was pointed out. I think the easiest solution in the short-term will be to remove it, so the temptation to grab onto it is removed. This should be ok for all reasonably agile members, but will still pose challenges for less able-bodied people who have difficulty balancing on a narrow metal plank. Ideally, it needs a fixed handrail constructed. If I could obtain the contact details of the landowner, I will talk to them about rectifying the rail.

Other major hazards that I pointed out on the visit are:

  • Highly mobile and eroding banks
  • Steep undercut banks that will give way if you stand on them, often plunging you several metres into deep water with powerful currents
  • Sudden changes in water depth needing very careful wading at all times
  • Powerful currents and deep water on bends pushing under eroded banks and fallen trees (potentially lethal especially in high flows if you lose your footing)
  • Barbed wire fences. The lower beat has many stiles in place, but the Coston Manor beat does not and access to the river is only by very tricky climbing over barbed wire.

would members please read and be aware of these issues, your safety is our concern, whenever possible fish with another person or tell someone of your visit