These two farm irrigation pools are in an attractive and secure location not far from the A5, near Wheaton Aston.

The larger pool is used for the irrigation of strawberries and water levels will go down during May and June, but this pool is thirty feet deep (browns do well here). Levels are restored from a borehole as soon as possible, augmented by rainfall.

Evening rises to the buzzer are usually good. The smaller and older pool is twelve feet deep. There is a secure dedicated car park.

The Wrekin Pool: The waters are very well maintained, and for most of the year crystal clear.

The Garden Pool: The smaller and shallower of the two pools, with many casting areas and seating around both pools.

The Shed contains chairs and a table to rest and the returns book to enter the days sport.

The larger Wrekin Pool is the deepest pool, and again has many casting areas benches and seating for fishermen.The secluded location has extensive views of the Staffordshire and Shropshire country side.

The pools fish well, and several specimen Rainbow and Brown Trout are caught regularly, in recent seasons the members have enthused over the size and quality of the fish and several large Brown trout have been in catches.

The variation in types of water makes this water very interesting, with a stiff breeze the Wrekin Pool can resemble small reservoir fishing, the shallower Garden Pool is a very traditional still water, Both pools are regularly stocked and also hold a good level of large overwintered and now native fish.

Still Water Regulations

Membership of the Salopian Fly Fishers

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