There are two still water venues, Boldings Farm and New House Farm. Each has two pools.

1. Members are respectfully reminded that at all times and in all circumstances they must respect the wildlife, the natural beauty, and the lessor’s property.

2. Fishing is fly only with conventional fly fishing tackle.

3. A current Environment Agency rod licence must be held.

4. Minimum takeable size – 12” (30mm) overall, tip of snout to extremity of tail, measured along the lateral line.

5. All brown trout must be returned to the water unharmed unless rule 7 applies.

6. Daily Bag limit: The total number of fish taken from the Stillwater Fisheries will not exceed 2 (two) fish in any one day. Members cannot take 2 fish from New House Farm plus 2 fish from Boldings Farm on the same day, but can make up a total of 2 fish between the two fisheries. Once the catch limit (see below) is attained the member must cease fishing immediately.

Weekly Bag Limit: Only 4 (four) fish per week may be taken from the still waters. These may come from one still water or from both, but may not exceed four per week in total.

Catch Limit: Members may catch no more than twelve fish of takeable size at one visit (and kill no more than two of those fish). It will be rare to encounter fish below the takeable size in our still waters and this will mainly occur when we stock some small brown trout to grow on, but when this does happen they will not count towards the catch limit. If you intend to practice catch and return you must use only barbless hooks or hooks with squeezed down barb. Fish must be carefully handled and equally carefully returned to the water or better still, if circumstances permit, not removed at all but unhooked in the net.

7. Fish caught that are bleeding or severely distressed must be retained, irrespective of size and will count towards the catch limit.

8. A member has the right to inspect another member’s catch at any time who will not refuse to exhibit same.

9. No member shall sell any fish taken from Salopian waters and anyone found guilty of this shall be subject to action under clause 19 of The Articles of Association

10. Visits: Three visits to Boldings Farm only per week and three visits to New House Farm only per week. A week is from 07.00 hours Saturday to one hour after sunset the following Friday.

11. Season – The dates between which fish may be taken will be advised before the start of each season

12. All visits and fish caught to be recorded in the Returns Book provided, including nil returns. Members must book in before fishing.

13. Rods
New House Farm 7 (seven) Bank Rods on each pool.
Boldings Farm - Small Pool 4 (four) Bank Rods
Boldings Farm - Large Pool 6 (six) Bank Rods

14. Flies
a. Maximum hook size 8 longshank
b. Maximum length of lure 1.5” (38 mm)
c. No tandem flies to be used.

15. Lines: Floating and sinking lines only may be used, no lead core lines.

16. No lead shot to be used at either Fishery.

17. No leader material is to be discarded unless cut into lengths of less than 10 centimetres.

18. For access and parking points, refer to maps.

19. No dogs, litter, radios etc will be permitted.

20. Wading is strictly prohibited at all Fisheries.

21. Rod sharing is allowed with members’ close family.
a. Only one rod in use at any one time
b. The member must be present
c. Only one catch limit allowed

22. New House Farm – Specific points
a. Minimum of noise to be strictly observed. A special request is that no whistling is allowed.*
b. No fishing from lawn in front of farm house
c. No access across lawn
d. Cars are to be parked such that vehicular access for farm vehicles is maintained at all times.
e. Fishing times – 7.00am to one hour after sunset.

23. Boldings Farm – Specific points
a. For access to lakes take arrow signs
b. Members should exercise the utmost caution when fishing at the dam end of the large lake to avoid the overhead power lines.
c. Cars to be parked on the designated areas only, i.e.
i. Old car park on road
ii. New car park between the pools. The entrance gate is off the road. The code to the combination lock will be on the back of your membership card.
d. Fishing times 7.00am to one hour after sunset.

* At first sight a strange rule, included at the request of Mr. Huxley. Turkeys are nervous birds and, apparently, whistling upsets them and they may panic and injure themselves.